Buzz ‘n Heather


Meet Buzz. He’s my little annoying ball of stress. He lives on my shoulder and has me on edge, sassy, pissed off, tired and confused. Nothing positive comes from him being around. I like to blame all my grey hairs on him (yes it’s genes, but I’m stressed so it’s his fault!)

A little about myself: My name is Heather and I’m in my late 30’s, living in Toronto and have a really great career in Sales. When I was young I remember my mother being a worry wart. Of course, it was passed on to me but it never used to be as bad.  I now have an extraordinary ability to worry about everything. I am slowly learning how to take back my life and how to remedy most of my symptoms of stress.

This is where my quest for Achieving Inner Calm comes in. My hope is to understand myself a little better, find out what techniques work for stress relief and maybe find an activity that I enjoy. There will be no phones, no computers and no talk of work during these precious moments.

Please check out Monday Relief: quick and easy ideas to alleviate stress at work and Stress-Free Saturdays for my weekly jaunt through the city to rate an activity’s ability to relieve stress. Sorry Buzz, time to scram.